Thursday, October 14, 2010

What are you teaching?

We went to church on Sunday night to listen to Pastor Nate's second part of a short series "MERCY AND TRUTH". The first one was great, so I was excited about the second. Anyway it was GREAT as expected, however the thing that got me was not really his sermon but it was when he was talking about his kids. The point that he was making was "All to often we tell our children to get down off there... come on now get down..... I told you to get down...1...2....2 1/2...." What are we teaching our kids when we do that...NOTHING. Oh wait yes we are teaching them that after long enough and a MILLION chances we will then get squashed by God. We all know that God is a God of love and CORRECTION, and we all know that we as parents are to teach our children to listen to us as for when they are older they can listen to God. If you can not listen and obey to you earthly father how are they EVER gonna learn to listen to the Heavenly Father?

After this sermon it is sitting in my head and heart. So this is where Monday happens. I had told Andrew to get his room clean, not a hard task I thought. A few hours later he came upstairs and told me it was all done. I had told him to clean it right and get things put away before I left him off on his own to clean. So we ate lunch and watched a movie cause hay he had his room clean... why not. While watching the movie I needed to check email so I came down stairs and checked on his room WOW. He had cleaned his room alright, he put all his stuff in one area then tossed his blanket over it all. I know we all have done it before i know. So I was faced with a choice of what to do. 1) I could call him down have a little chit chat about lying and have him clean his room again. OR 2) Teach him a lesson.
I went with option 2. I went to the garage got out 2 six foot tall trash bags and started to "clean" his room. About 10 minutes later I had filled a trash bag full and was starting on the second one. This whole time he is not knowing what I am doing. A bit later he came down stairs and was shocked at his room. Then the tears came... and the anger... then the talk. You know the talk.
Then I was convicted. His room was a disaster and as i looked around so was the basement and my room and Abbiella's room and well everywhere was in disarray. What are we teaching our children "do as i say not as i do?" That is such a double standard.
So Andrew and i talked alot more this week and talked about life lessons and that Daddy and I have been disobeying God and not teaching him or Abbie the correct way. I had to ask for his forgiveness and OUCH talk about humility.
After Monday the kids and I have been busy we have cleaned the whole basement including the Laundry room. Found the floor and vacuumed the whole room. Got things put away and thrown out. Now his room is clean and he says it is nice to have a clean room to dance in. *he has fallen in LOVE with KJ52*.
In the end, It feel so good to be getting rid of the clutter and to be showing my kids that I have the same standards as they do. Both dad and I have messed to clean up and lessons to learn.

So I leave you with one question: What are you teaching?

In Christ.

The sermon is not up yet however part one is....