Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Long time no type...

Sorry it has been so long since I have written, ALOT has been going on. As stated in the last post I miscarried at the end of Feb. beginning of March, it was a tough thing to go thru but we are doing well with it. Then around the beginning of May I thought that I maybe pregnant again and I found out May 17th that I was. We went to the doctor on May 21 to do the "yep it is true ultrasound" and we were unable to see the baby, so two weeks of praying and emotions I went back for another ultrasound on June 4th and got to see the baby and the heart flutters. YEAY!!! We are due January 15,2009. So then everything is going well I have not had any bleeding or anything however I have forgotten how MUCH that a womans body goes thru when she is pregnant. To date I have lost over 20 pounds and have just recently got my appitite back. My brain is out to lunch almost all the time and well i can pretty much write a book on how and where to get sick in the city of Great Falls!!! I am now 23 weeks along and still doing well. We had our 20 week ultrasound on August 28th and the ultrasound clearly showed that we are having a GIRL!!! WE are very excited including Andrew-Michael.I have also joined MOPS thru GFCC and also a new thing in our church called Girlfriend Encounters this is a once a month meeting of ladies to fellowship and to go thru the word of God. We are starting tonight with Titus and it will be our main study for the whole year. I am excited.
Andrew-Michael has started another school year and he is now in first grade. He is liking his teach and classmates. His teacher is a first year teacher and she is doing well. Last week I signed him up for indoor soccer through the Heisey youth center, he starts on Oct 11 can't wait.
Rich has also been very busy as he is now the lead driver for his company and all together go to person for what ever the bosses need. God has really got him a position that we can count on for a long time... we are still struggling with our paydays but rumor has it that he may be getting a pay raise at thee end of this month!!! Heres to hoping! He is also starting a class thru our churches college THE FORGE he is very excited about this as a matter of fact his first class is tonight.
Because our money is tight we have shut off out internet for now which also means that we have shut off our home phone. It was kinda silly to have a house phone for $200 a year and we both have cell phones. So we are down to just cell phones. It is working out rather well. The internet is another thing we have had internet for 9 years and now we do not, it is kinda hard but way worth it at $55 a month it was just to much with gas prices and what not all going up up up up.
I hope to be keeping up on his better than I have and will try and post some pictures of the ultrasound soon.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sad but true.... Anna Grace has gone to heaven.

Yesterday during church i decided to go to the hospital and get checked out because I had feared in my heart that I had lost the baby, now rewind back to Saturday night Rich and i had went out on a date to the black diamond supper club in Belt (it rocked!!) while we were waiting for for our steak I went to the bathroom and passed a very large clot and the blood flow had GREATLY increased and I had been cramping in my back and abdominal area all day. I knew in my heart that the baby had gone to heaven to be with God. Lucky her sad on us but we will meet someday. Ok so that all happened on Sat. night so Sunday we went to church and and there was no stopping my tears one of the older sisters in the church stopped and talked with Rich and I and we went to the ER they gave me a bag of fluid and did blood work and determined that my HCG levels had gone down to 110 which is barley pregnant. So now we wait and wait til the bleeding stops and then we get to start again.
I just wanted to say thank you all who have prayed for us and those who still are, we are just hopeful that God will provide another blessing soon....

Friday, February 15, 2008

So i thought it would be easy.... here is an update!!

Well many times I look at other peoples blogs and get kinda upset that there is not an update I use to think that it is not that hard to do..... I guess i was wrong... sorry.
Well alot has gone on in the last few weeks here at the Cochran household first off one of the guys at Riches' work has quit so Rich is working different shifts he schedual is more like "work as much as you can with out getting to burned out, and by that we mean 5days a week 14 hours a day", fun that translates to go to work come home eat and shower and bed. kinda stinky but it is only for a season. RIGHT?
Andrew is doing well in school he has FINALLY started to get his work done the first time that he is asked to do it and is doing well in his reading I guess i would have never thought that my baby was going to be reading by the time he was out of kindergarten, it is pretty neat but it is getting harder to S-p-e-l-l things around him, I guess we will have to start platen or something.
My sister in law has found out that she is pregnant after having a miscarriage on Thanksgiving they are due August 25thish very exciting. That news was revealed to us about 3-4 weeks ago. That means I will be and Aunty and Rich an uncle we are very excited.
Ok all that being said I also have had some news personally... for those of you who do not know Rich and I have been trying for quite a few years to get pregnant and on Wed Feb 6 i had cramping and some bleeding but it was not like my cycle I called the doctor and told her what was going on and she told me "have you taken a test to see if you are pregnant? you very well could be and if not you are most likely just going to be starting your cycle." So on Thursday morning the 7th I took a pregnancy test and low and behold guess what.... YES it was really really positive!! I was very excited called Rich and told him cause of course he was at work his first words were "REALLY,you need to go get a blood test done..." I called the doctor and told her and she told me bleeding can be normal, and that she thought that I was 5 weeks and 2 days We told everyone so that they could pray for us.... because we were still bleeding and that is a scarry thing. So i made a new baby apt for yesterday and was VERY nervous went through everything "you need to know" and then it was time to do the ultra sound I was scared. It was and is very hard for me to trust God I have to I know but I kept taking the problem back back.... anyway they did a vaginal ultrasound and there was no heart beat nothing that resembled a baby( i was to be about 6wks and2 days) EXCEPT there was a little spot more like a speck and doctor said that it could be a baby.... so to be sure and to find out what was going on I did a blood test to find out my level of HCG and I got the results back and my levels indicate that I am only about 4-5 week along and that is the reason that nothing could be seen or heard... the baby is to young to be giving us noise or measurements....
So now we wait I am still bleeding but it is ok I go back in on Monday for another blood test to make sure my levels are going up so I will update then...
Love you all

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Workout<---- that is a funny word!

Well we did not make a new years resoulution but we did want to get a gym membership and so yesterday in the midst of grocery shopping we went to SNAP fitness
it is only 49.95 a month for the family which is not bad and there was no enrollment fee or anything. http://snapfitness.com/
That said Rich was more excited than I was to get started so we came home put groceries away, made dinner and off we went to the GYM!!! I have never had a gym membership before i have worked out at the base gym from time to time but never this kind of work out. I have already learned DO NOT EAT AND THEN WORK OUT it doesn't workout so well. The first time there we did well we did not realize that we had been there for 2 hours so we wrapped it up and came home.
On a separate note... my husband and son FINALLY got me to watch the Transformers movie, and I have to say that it a very cool movie, SO Ali I did watch it and yes you were right!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

They said it was easy!!!

Well I have wanted to get my family on a blog and here is the first time I do have a myspace account but it is stinky and very sluggish site. I just wanted to get on so that I can share a page with my friends and family. I have been reading my friends blogs for quite a while and they have all told me that it is very easy. I know i may sound like a dunce when I wrote but everyone needs a place to be creative.

I need to learn how to do pictures and things on the side of the blog I would like to have a link to all Andrew-Michael's photos he got a new camera for Christmas and is quite the photographer as it turns out

This is all his Transformers from Christmas Morning

This is on the way home from Grandmas house Christmas day... from his carseat in the car.

I guess it is all a learning processes and i will get it soon it will be like I have been here my whole life.