Saturday, January 5, 2008

They said it was easy!!!

Well I have wanted to get my family on a blog and here is the first time I do have a myspace account but it is stinky and very sluggish site. I just wanted to get on so that I can share a page with my friends and family. I have been reading my friends blogs for quite a while and they have all told me that it is very easy. I know i may sound like a dunce when I wrote but everyone needs a place to be creative.

I need to learn how to do pictures and things on the side of the blog I would like to have a link to all Andrew-Michael's photos he got a new camera for Christmas and is quite the photographer as it turns out

This is all his Transformers from Christmas Morning

This is on the way home from Grandmas house Christmas day... from his carseat in the car.

I guess it is all a learning processes and i will get it soon it will be like I have been here my whole life.

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