Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello out there.......

Yes we are still alive and kicking... in one work we have been BUSY!!! I will post something this weekend with all the updates. Including pictures. But a quick list of current things going on with us in the past couple months.
1) We are home schooling now
2) We are cub leaders for Pack 26 WOLF DEN ROCKS
3) Abbiella is now 15 months old.
4) Rich is still working 50-60 hours a week
5) Baseball started today.
6) We took our first family vacation to Arizona in February....
7) Planning a trip to Billings to have Andrew participate in the state pinewood derby race, because he won 1st place at he pack level and then at the district level.
8) Small group is fun and amazing....
9) Abbiella may have an allergy to dairy.... oh what fun. Testing being done today
10) Oh and she is getting shots today!!!

That is it in a nutshell.

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