Monday, May 3, 2010

Andrew-Michaels letter to the mayor of Great Falls.

Dear Mr. Winters, May 3rd, 2010

I feel sad that the Natatorium may close. I feel sad because people like the natatorium and have good times there. Plus the homeschooled kids enjoy using the pool. I had my birthday party there at the Natatorium and we had a lot of fun. I had 10 friends come. Our Cub Scout pack 26 went to the Natatorium and we were able to earn our swimming pin and belt loop it was a lot of fun!! I know it is expensive to run the pool but kids and other people have fun there. We could do a fundraiser to help save the pool, I and my mom are willing to help. A garage sale and lemonade stand could be a good start.

Thank you,

Andrew-Michael Cochran

Age 9


Rcvnggal said...

Good ideas, Andrew, lets hope that the Mayor will listen and help or figure something out so kids like you and your friends have some place to go swimming in especially in the winter time. Paula

Missel's said...

Well said, Andrew! Hope your letter sparks some interest in the area and the natatorium can be saved for great kids like you to enjoy for years to come!

Karl said...

Andrew I agree with you, a pool should always be open for not just the kids but everybody who enjoys them.

Ms. Kristin said...

Andrew Michael you had some great ideas to help save a pool that I know you've had alot of fun at. Not only have you had good times but your mom and I have as well. I don't know where all the kids are going to go to learn to swim or have awesome pool parties for thier birthday. Let's hope the mayor can help us out.

Maranda said...

Andrew-Michael, you`ve done such a great job expressing your feelings about the pool & even gave great examples of how to help save it. I`m proud of you for being so ambitious as to write a letter to the mayor letting him know just how important the pool is to kids such as yourself. I`m sure there are grown ups who would be very sad to see the pool go as well. Never lose that awesome spirit Mr! You`re such an amazing kid!

gramma said...

Very nice Bug! Job well done. You did a great job telling the mayor what might help save the pool. We had a lot of fun at the pool, when it was so very cold outside.