Thursday, October 22, 2009

The game of life.....

I sure has been a while.. I think it is the season .... BUSY it just started early this year. There has been alot of stuff going on around here. So I will break it down by person starting with the littlest one.
Abbiella-Grace is creeping up on 10 months... so fast. She is growing like a weed and is finally 16 pounds and 27 inches long. She was sick for almost 3 weeks it even came to a ER visit her first one. The doctor was of NO help he just told me that she had GAS and was classified as INFANT COLIC. I asked him why and he said it just happens. What he did not bother to ask or say was that the antibiotic she was on could cause gas OR that the formula that i had switched her to was causing her tummy to HURT and her body was trying to fix that so the cough she had was hanging on because her little body could not do both.. I went to her doctor to get all this fixed and figured out! Only of course after 4 sleepless nights for all of us. She is doing much better now and we all are sleeping well
Andrew-Michael is doing okay in school he is struggling with SLOWING DOWN in his reading so he is not doing so well there. He got hit on the bus last week then he hit the kid back so now HE is suspended from the bus for 3 days next week. FUN FUN in trouble for self defense. He did not get in to trouble for hitting but did get in trouble for lying to me and telling me that he did not hit the other kid. In other news Andrew is a cub scout now it is alot of fun, we have been selling popcorn for 2 weeks and he is doing great.. if you would like to order popcorn please let me know by Saturday.

Now to Rich and myself... we have been working on refinancing and in one work it has been stressful! I have had a headache for days we keep getting surprises over and over and over again, and they are not small surprises either, they are like HUGE 5,000 surprises. I have been sick over this we thought this was what were are suppose to be doing we had prayed about it over and over and this is the best way to use our money wisely and it was not like we had much of a choice because of our current mortgage plan. On a fun note Rich and I are going to A Weekend to Remember conference in Billings next weekend, without any children... that will be fun now if we can get the house done before then that would be great. so we can focus on the conference.

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Stacy said...

Hi there! It has been awhile, and it would be fun to get together. How have you been? Stacy